Why were castles built in europe essay

Medieval Castles Were Smelly, Damp, and Dark

When the Normans came, the masonry keep, or dungeon, was added within the confines of the bailey. In most cases, there would be no mercy against the Clan of Evil if captured.

The castle became just a residence and was unnecessary for protection. The early castles featured a motte, which was a high, man-made mound of earth.

The History Learning Site, 5 Mar Edward did not, however, manage to reduce the cost of building stone castles. The bailey was used to house soldiers and to contain livestock and supplies. Much later on, in the first half of the sixteenth century, Henry VIII built several strongholds along the south coast of England to defend against an invasion from France.

Kings could no longer justify spending such large amounts of time and money on building a castle, when cannons could demolish the walls after a few days of firing. Now, to attack a castle, one had to break through the defenses of one or more "baileys", another type of defense structure, before they could reach the motte's defenses and both of those before they would even reach the moat.

At the end of the fifteenth century, gunpowder was used in projectiles. During the period of civil war, known as the Anarchy between King Stephen of England and Matilda the daughter of Henry I, castles were held by loyal supporters of one or the other side.

Over the centuries after William was king, other kings ordered elaborate castles to be built. Goodrich Castle has excellent examples of the splayed plinth.

The Peasants who farmed the land around the castle became tenants of the noble who lived in the castle. Chalk-white chimneys over chambers high Gleamed in gay array upon gables and roofs; The pinnacles in panoply, pointing in air, So vied there for his view that verily it seemed A castle cut of paper for a king's feast.

Like the motte, the bailey also had a fence and ditch around the outside of it. Called motte and bailey castles, these early Medieval castles were made of readily available material: It is estimated that this castle would have taken 80 days to construct if 50 men had been working on it.

This eliminated the previous problem of the enemy blockading the castle. Each castle had thin slits for windows on the lower floors.

The keep, typically made of wood, was the castle's best-protected building and served as its last defense. C N Trueman "Castles" historylearningsite. Personal Servants Received Some of the Luxury. When you think of a castle, you usually think of lavish amenities and grand-scale poshness, but who cares how big the barn is, when its still slathered in mud and smells like horse manure.

The huge walls and the well-protected entrance withstood most first attacks. From our definition of a castle we say that a castle is a well fortified and defendable place to live.

Edward built all of his castles by the sea to enable supplies to be brought in by ship. Medieval Castles Essay. Words 9 Pages.

Show More. Not only are people fascinated with their grand splendor, but with their luminous presence of authority.

Castles were not built for defense alone; they were symbols of social status, wealth, power, and intimidation. Kings and queens were not. CASTLES IN THE MIDDLE AGES. Castles were primarily built during the wars of the late Middle Ages for the purpose of protection. Originally, the castle was simply built, but the need for better protection rose and they became much more sophisticated.

During this time, many castles were built in Europe and the Middle East. They ranged from simple wooden enclosures to vast stone palaces. A castle allowed a lord to control the surrounding land. It also kept his family and riches safe from rivals while he was away at war, fighting as a knight for the king.

Forts were not the same as castles. There were also other problems with living in a medieval castle, the main one being that there were no sewers or flushing toilets. Often the moat surrounding the castle was used as a sewer.

Both the moat and the castle quickly became smelly and dirty. But there was a time when castles were a practical real estate choice, as both a sign and means to protect wealth.

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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Castles

Pin +1 5. Share 8. Shares Castles were always built with a spiraling staircase that turned clockwise. This was a. Castles Essay Words | 3 Pages. Castles In medieval times, castles served as the home and fortress of a monarch or noble. The earliest castles were built from earth and wood.

By the 12th century, most castles were built from stone.

Why were castles built in europe essay
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