Why the aztec empire was defeated

So Montezuma the leader of the Aztecs was scared so he gave the Spanish gold, food, slaves and water.

Aztec capital falls to Cortés

However, as many scholars demonstrated, the nature of the fights between the natives and the conquistadores was one-to-one and hand-to-hand combat, especially the siege of Tenochtitlan. So, was there a weapon that was really the key to Spanish victory against Mexica. Read more about Cholula here.

The spanish were so easily able to conquer the native peoples of the Mesoamerican regions because of several advantages. Montezuma showered Cortez with gifts. The Mexicas were simply used to playing by different rules. His life was short and his deeds few. Third the Aztecs were hated by all of the surrounding natives and they swarmed to Cortes because they wanted to see the Aztecs fall and also because they thought that Cortes was a god, the serpent one.

I look at the Spanish invasion in two parts.

Why the Aztec Empire Was Defeated? Essay

Total price The superior weapons and adequate resources that the Spanish army had can also be regarded as one of the factors, which contributed to the defeat of the Aztecs.

Some of the weapons used by the Spanish included guns, unlike the Aztecs, who used weapons made from woods, as well as shields made from canes and stones. First the diseases that the conquistadors brought over… wiped out over half of the native peoples in Mexico city.

Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire

Conquerors' accounts exaggerate individual contributions to the Conquest at the expense of their comrades, while indigenous allies' accounts stress their loyalty and importance to victory for the Spanish. So, as demonstrated widely, they were highly trained warriors, masters of hand-to-hand combat.

Moreover, the perception of the Spanish and especially of Cortes as an Aztec god, appear to be reported only by Spanish sources. This made their religion unpopular and made the Aztecs hated. The Aztec Empire Most people today are somewhat familiar with the Aztec empire.

Why the Aztec Empire Was Defeated? Essay

Factors, such as diseases and religious beliefs, also contributed to the defeat of the Aztecs by the Spanish army Holmer, These were almost immediately published in Spain and later in other parts of Europe.

During the 15th century they had spread over vast territories, subjugating various peoples and making them tributary. Nov 12,  · Other scholars pointed out that the fact the Aztecs considered the Spanish as god was a later construct, which was created to explain the relatively easy conquest of the Aztec Empire by the small group of Spanish soldiers.

During the Spaniards’ retreat, they defeated a large Aztec army at Otumba and then rejoined their Tlaxcaltec allies.

In MayCortés returned to Tenochtitlán, and after a three-month siege the city fell. This victory marked the fall of the Aztec empire. The Aztec Empire was an example of an empire that ruled by indirect means. Like most European empires, it was ethnically very diverse, but unlike most European empires, it was more a system of tributes than a single unitary form of government.

Aztec empire flourished, alliance defeated tepanecs (year) Spain destroyed Aztecs (year) What was the Aztecs' biggest mistake?

They allowed conquered city-states to keep their culture, so they were divided. Why did the Aztecs build their city where they did? Why the Aztec Empire Was Defeated? Essay. Isolation, limited technology, disease, beliefs/religion, and allies were all contributing factors which led to Aztec destruction - Why the Aztec Empire Was Defeated?Essay introduction.

Isolation, due to the fact that the Aztecs thought they were the only people alive apart from the other Indian/Mexican tribes, the Aztecs stayed in their city unaware. The Aztec empire was defeated because the Spanish had more power and money than the Aztecs did.

Why the aztec empire was defeated
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