Why did you choose aviation career

They need experience in all kinds of aviationspecialties to handle tasks for these companies like certificationsfor the crew, engineering, design, and more. Generally, employees can travel for free or at a greatly reduced price on the airline they work for space permitting.

Maybe you are wanting to break-in to the aviation industry or you are already working in it and wanting to progress within the industry. What will you bring to the position and department. Do you already have the skills for one or both or do you have to go back to school.

Why Candidates Want to Work for Airports & Airlines in the Aviation Industry

My ambition to be an aircraft maintenance engineer. He is however killed in one. Aviation Maintenance Engineer is what I wanted to be.

The scope of the profession Another reason that you can discuss is the scope of the profession that you have applied for. It has always been my childhood dream to work close to aircraft. I take it as challenge to fine defect and solve it.

So I think there's a similiraties between aircraft and automotives. If your company offers a stable job, make sure that you inform the interviewer that you consider a stable job one of the reasons why you have applied for the particular job.

What is the masculine of aviator?

To fulfil my dream of being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. If the job that you have applied for may soon be part and parcel of every company and industry, it is another good point that you can make when you are asked why you have chosen this as a career.

This is another big reason why candidates are drawn to working for an airline or airport because it gives them the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis. Private pilot training can be begun before you even finish high school, and would give you a good start in the personal aviation field.

Basic interest Another answer that you can give to this question is that you have always had a basic interest in the core responsibility of this career. The world of the airplane, including the people who manufacture, market, and repair aircraft or who work in allied industries, is frequently spoken of as aviation.

Through that I found that I still did like automotive, but that the industry was becoming over saturated with foreigners. For ex if u like photography if its Ur passion, go for professional photography.

General Aviation Job Interview Questions

Originally I wanted to become an automotive technician and I did a work experience at MCL motor cars. Because i'm interested in powerplants and engine overhauling. Passion for fixing things, putting them back together.

The airline Virgin Atlantic for example, offers a 'Staff Travel' scheme where full time employees are entitled to up to seven concessionary standby flights a year to any of their destinations employees just pay the taxes on the flights.

Pilots get to take pride in getting their passengers to their destinations safely, and aircraft mechanics know that they play an important role in this by keeping aircraf safe. What are aviation fuels.

I chose to apply to this position because it will be career move to live closer to my family and put my drive for success in two areas. Questions such as why this reaction to this announcement, why apathy when there is so much potential, why such reticence to team spirit or individual contribution, why such enthusiasm in spite of many obstacles during this project, etc.

It is my dream to become an aircraft engineer. Think of the pros and cons to each option on yourlist. The jet Engine is invented by Frank Whittle.

Because it is more challenging than avi and it containse lots of work so I can learn many things. I sat in the copilot seat. So here you can find the right aviation recruitment agency for you and apply for their jobs, all in one place. Was into automotive maintenance, found that the industry was over saturated, moved to aerospace and found that I loved it.

I used to work for an airline as a parts clerk and I wanted to do something more, that is fixing things. During College I volunteered in classrooms helping the students learn to read.

Why did you choose aviation industry?

Job interview question and answer: Why should we hire you? This is where you need to stand out from the crowd. There may be several other candidates with similar qualifications and work histories going for the same job as you – you need to give the interviewer a reason to hire you over olivierlile.com: Josie Chun, Elissa Collier.

Jan 27,  · So what I'm asking here is what made you decide to get into the aviation field, why have you stuck it out for so long, and if something where to happen to your airline what would you do?

I'll give you some more reasons to choose this career. 1. No homework When I'm done at work I'm done!

Why did you choose a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician?

I am involved in passenger sales and it is a. Jan 30,  · If you are interested in such a career, the first step is education. Although the types of aviation careers vary greatly from baggage handlers to pilots, education is needed across the board.

You should have an idea of what field you are interested in exploring, and determine the Status: Resolved. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I know why I chose aviation.

It started the fiirst time I flew an airplane. I'd won this silent auction for an aerial tour around my town in a cessna rg.

Why Choose Aviation as a Career? Just like any other career path, aviation can certainly have its ups and downs. However, this is a career choice that will serve you very well when it is considered that millions of people fly from one location to another each and every day, as do tons of consumer goods and products.

Job Interview Question And Answer: Why Did You Choose This Career Path?

Pick one main reason why you chose the career path and elaborate with a few specific points (keeping in mind the job requirements). Your answer is a great opportunity to show the interviewer that your skills and personality are exactly what their company olivierlile.com: Josie Chun, Elissa Collier.

Why did you choose aviation career
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Why did you choose this aviation career